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Dog Walking
Tess having such a good time that she refused to come out of the water!
People need their dogs walking for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you are out at work all day and need us to walk your dog around lunchtime; maybe you are ill or injured and can't take your dog out as much as usual. Whatever the reason, we are available to take your dog out for a full, long walk, either in your usual walking area or somewhere else. We love countryside walks at the Beacon and Billinge Hill, and your dog will too!
Dogs need a good walk at least once a day. It's essential for their physical and mental health and we are happy to help you to fulfill these needs.
Our dog walking service takes place in small, manageable groups of personality-matched dogs. We never take dogs out without getting to know their personalities first. We carry out basic training and really get to know your dog, and they benefit from the socialisation that this brings. That being said, if you think your dog would benefit from being walked individually, that can be arranged, although it does attract a higher cost.
A very happy Harvey
When we return your dog to your home, we will clean your dog and give fresh water or food, depending on your instructions. We will then lock up and leave your dog to the good sleep it will no doubt need, with dreams of the lovely walk it has just had.
Please see the Prices page for a complete run-down of our pricing structure.