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Flat Pack Hutch, Run or Cage Assembly
We now provide flat-pack assembly services for hutches, runs or cages and have introduced the service after numerous enquiries and requests for help. As you can imagine, we are VERY experienced in assembly of hutches, runs and cages and have lost count of the number we have assembled now. If you would like some advice on appropriate hutches prior to your purchase, please get in touch as we are always happy to help.
This new service can really take the stress out of a common problem. You buy the new hutch, run or cage but then have to find the time (and inclination!) to assemble it. Perhaps you don't have the tools or experience, or perhaps you live on your own and your hutch requires two people to construct. Whatever the reason, Walk and Watch Pet Services can use our unique set of skills and experience to construct your new equipment.
This is one of the hutches that we assembled from flat-pack. What made this one a special case was that it came without instructions. Such fun (if you are me)!
We will bring all commonly required tools. If your hutch requires any specific, uncommon tools, we can discuss this with you. In the vast majority of cases, everything you need will be supplied with your purchase, and we bring the means of assembly. Most hutches, runs and cages can be assembled in a much shorter space of time than you would expect.
So, why is it easier to call us than to assemble your new hutch yourself?
*We really are experienced. We have assembled countless hutches, runs and cages. We can draw on this experience to make sense of the most nonsensical instruction sheet!
*You probably have better things to do; what might take you a full day will probably take us an hour or two.
*It really doesn't cost a lot. Price is dependent on what you need doing.
*Most of the time, we will be able to come round very soon, at a time which you specify. The box won't be sitting around for weeks waiting to be assembled.
*We are tidy and respectful of your property. We will tidy up after us and set your new hutch or run up in the position you like.
*We can even throw in free, valuable advice on the care of your pets while we work!
*Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today!
In terms of price, it depends on your requirements. The price is based on how long it will take to assemble your new purchase. Contact Us to discuss your requirements and we will give you a full, sensible quote.