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Pet Sitting
We have found that pets really do do better when they stay in their own homes, with their comfortable and familiar surroundings. When we go on holiday, our pets stay in our own home and are looked after here. Our pet sitting service can be invaluable; you can go on holiday knowing that your pets will be safe and happy and their regular routine will be adhered to. There is sometimes a place for kennels and catteries, depending on your pet, but we feel that the alternative of keeping your pet in its own surroundings will almost always be more beneficial. These services can be used whether you are on holiday, out all day, or working late. We can provide services agreed in advance and we may be able to help if you unexpectedly work late or are called away, depending on the circumstances. Keep us in mind!
Charlie, you are just so gorgeous!
Dogs will be fine staying at home, but we believe that a minimum of two visits per day is required. If you don't want us to visit your dog two or more times per day, then we will not be able to look after them. Dogs often need that little bit extra in terms of attention and visits and we will always put them first.
A usual arrangement is to visit your dog first thing in the morning. During this time we play with them, walk them, and feed and water them. Our 'Stay and Play' policy is vital; we don't just come in and feed your dogs. We will play with your pets with real enthusiasm and we find that this really goes a long way to making the pets in our care really comfortable with us. We might then visit again during the day and do the same. The final visit of the day would take place in the evening, and often this visit is an hour long. Dogs are often used to being alone for some of the day but they expect, and need, more attention in the evening. Of course, depending on your individual requirements, we can change these visits so that they fit with your dogs' routine. Contact Us to discuss your individual needs.
Cats and Other Small Animals
We provide a service where we will visit your cats and small animals as many times a day as you need, feeding, watering, and playing with your pets. We will also change bedding and litter trays and clean up in feeding areas or hutches. We will spend time with your pets, playing with them and giving them the cuddles they need. We specialise in small animal care and, being small animal owners ourselves, we really do know the value of them being looked after in this way, with individualised attention and care. Again, our 'Stay and Play' policy is vital. You won't find us popping in, feeding your pets then rushing out; we play with your pets, for the full allocated time.
We fell in love with this pair, Bonnie and Mr George - here is Cath getting the best welcome a pet sitter could wish for!
With all our pet sitting services, home security and key holding is provided as part of the package. We will place mail in a private, specified area, take in newspapers, open and close curtains, and put the bins out if needed. This aspect of our service is vital; your home will maintain a lived-in look. We've even de-iced frozen pipes on occassion!! Your security, and that of your pets is our highest priority. That's why we don't use vans with a company logo on, or uniforms; we won't advertise the fact that you are not home to anyone.