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Our Prices
Our Prices - A note - Our prices are formulated on a fair basis. We factor in things like petrol, time, insurance, overheads etc to ensure that our prices reflect value for money and a fair charge for the services we carry out. We know that the prices we charge are a fair reflection of our service standards; we will always stay the amount of time we charge for and we don't charge extra for late night visits, weekends or bank holidays (although Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day may attract a slightly higher charge if we need to visit your home). When looking at the prices for any pet services company, it is always worth bearing these things in mind. You can trust that we are not charging you more than we should, and if you find somewhere else is cheaper, it is worth asking if the same can be said as above; in our experience (and in the experience of many of our customers who have tried a cheaper option then come to us) it won't be.
All times listed are the actual times that your pet receives a service for. So, in an hours' dog walk, your dog will actually be walked for an hour and if you have a 20 minute pet sitting service booked, we will be there for 20 minutes, at least; we fulfill every single minute that we are paid for. We provide free pick-up and drop-off within 5 miles of our base. Outside of this area, we ask for a small contribution to petrol costs; this helps us to keep our overall charges low. Full details of our Terms and Conditions, including the cancellation policy, will be given during the free consultation, so you know exactly what service you and your pets are getting.
Dog Walking 
Prices below are for a small group walk. Get in touch if you want your dog walked on an individual basis. All walks take place in great places such as Beacon Country Park, Orrell Waterpark, Billinge Hill (as well as many other places around the area), so your dog will get plenty of exercise, as well as the individual care and attention for which we are known.
Initial Consultation: FREE
£7 per 30 minutes; £2.00 for an additional dog from the same household
£8.50 per 45 minutes; £2.50 for an additional dog from the same household
£10 per hour; £3.00 for an additional dog from the same household
Pet Sitting
Our pet sitting services are not priced according to the amount of animals - what you see is what you get! If there are many animals we may not be able to see to them all in the shortest time, so you may need to book one of the longer slots. All visits include a full service including feeding, watering, home security, playtime, cleaning of litter trays/accidents. Bear in mind that all visits last the amount of time that you pay for, not UP TO a certain time.
Initial Consultation: FREE
£7 per 20 minute visit
£9 per 30 minute visit (includes a walk if there's a dog and enough time)
£10.50 per 45 minute visit (includes a walk if there's a dog!)
£12 for a full hour visit (includes a walk if there's a dog!)
Please Contact Us with your exact requirements and we can provide a complete quote.
Small Animal Boarding
All small animals can be boarded in their own hutches/cages in our purpose-built facility, if required. We also have hutches and runs in the facility that your pets can stay and play in. This service includes regular feeding, watering, cleaning, playtime, attention, nose rubs (for the rabbits, not the owners!) and love! You provide your pets usual dried food and we provide fresh hay, water, vegetables, fruit and anything else they need. We have a number of individual runs (as well as hutches with runs attached), so you can be sure that your pets will be out of the hutch as much as possible.

Boarding prices have had to be increased slightly this year to cover price increases in hay, vegetables and electricity.
Initial Consultation: FREE
£5 per day for up to two rabbits sharing a hutch
£3.50 per day for up to two guinea pigs sharing a hutch
£3.50-£5 per day for up to two other small animals sharing a hutch/cage (depending on breed and time taken to care for)
If you have more than two small animals, Contact Us with details for a complete quote.
Pet Taxi and Transportation
Please Contact Us with details for a full quotation. This service is based on mileage and time costs so is very individual. A normal visit to the vets, including pick-up, drop-off, waiting time and the provision of a detailed report usually costs around £15. The good thing about this price is that petrol costs are included, not extra!
Remember, these prices are a guide and they may change according to your individual circumstances and requirements. Please Contact Us to discuss it.