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Small Animal Boarding




The very lovely Cocoa and Budge on the left, and Fat Sam doing what she does best (eating) on the right!


We are able to board small animals in our own home, in our purpose-built small animal boarding facility. Unfortunately, we cannot board cats or dogs at the moment due to the licensing requirements of West Lancs Borough Council; they require home boarders to meet the same level of provision as boarding kennels, such as a separate quarantine facility.


If you have a caged or hutched animal, they can have a holiday too, while you do! They can come and stay with us here and have the individual care that they need. If you have rabbits, hamsters, fish, mice, rats, snakes, reptiles, birds or any other small pet, we have space in our facility for them. Our insurance fully covers us for small animals boarded at our home, so you can be sure that they are safe; we will guarantee, through our care, that they will be happy. We are rabbit and small animal care specialists and we have recently built a new facility which has improved our already great service provision. The facility is light and airy, with a heating and ventilation system which is second to none. All pets have as much time out of their hutch as possible; at least several hours a day, in their own run.



The lovely Crunchie!


We also cater for longer-term boarders, so if you are lucky enough to be jetting off around the world for a while, or need your pet to be cared for for a longer period than usual for whatever reason, we will have space for them. If you need a long-term board, please Contact Us for a price; we will offer special, lower rates for long-term guests, so it is still economically viable for owners.


All rabbits must have valid, up-to-date vaccinations against myxomatosis and VHD (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease). These two horrible diseases will kill your bunnies, whether they come into contact with other rabbits or not. We will need to see vaccination certificates before your bunnies can board and we will turn away any rabbits not vaccinated.


Always check that the facility you board your rabbits in has a Myxomatosis and VHD policy; if they don't, your bunny is at risk.


We provide fresh hay, water and vegetables, as well as (just as importantly, perhaps) cuddles, grooming, nose rubs and attention. All you have to bring is their usual dried food, to avoid tummy upsets. We can also clip nails if you need us to....just ask!


We can pick your pet up, or you can drop them at our home. Either way, we will always carry out a free consultation with you prior to any arrangement. If you would like them boarded here, the consultation can take place here if you like, so you can see where your pets will stay and pick out a hutch.


Contact Us to arrange your free consultation.